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About Myself

I never really knew what I wanted to

do when I grew up until one day,

while attending a trade show, it hit me,

I wanted to do something that

combined my Graphic Design background

and my love of the outdoors! I wanted to

help people create areas that they can enjoy,

are not slave to, and are their preferred areas

of relaxation ~ their own yards! I enrolled in

the landscape courses at PCC while working

and ultimately completed my Associates in

Landscape Technology as well as Certificates in Landscape Design and Construction.

Bringing together two of my favorite interests, art and gardening has given me

the best of all worlds: Creativity and Healthy environments. The two need each

other to thrive and I'm not too proud to say I need them! I look forward to

helping others find that special place that they are able to create, imagine ,

and most importantly relax!


"Thanks again for all of your

wonderful ideas and generosity

of time! It will be so nice to get this

all completed and thanks to you

we have a beautiful plan." ~ Carol B.


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